The Tao of Badass Review

There is no cure-all. No unique powers. This great hot dating system relies only on attempted and real pick-up artist methods, not games and gimmicks that result in dead ends. It asks a basic concern and provides easy options that any individual can put on their failing dating game.

Do you wish to discover the best ways to satisfy ladies and quickly draw them into you with your self-confidence, wit, and appeal? If your answer is yes, then the dating ebook will help you dominate the art of seduction so that you get the lady whenever.

Being single is an ultra competitive sport. It can occasionally become a pretty intense contact sport if you are regularly trying to vanquish all the other guys in the club for one lady’s attention. You have to bring your A game every time you hit the playing field if you anticipate to win over all of the hot and attractive ladies you have your eyes on.

The Tao of Badass teaches you:.

Exactly how to harness your confidence and present a strong and manly front to every lady you are available in contact with.

The inner operations of communicating with body language. Find out ways to read it, analyze it, and make it work to your benefit.

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What it takes to master verbal communication so that girls will not have the ability to get enough of you.

If you want to master all the techniques included in the incredible guide, see to it you have a computer system available to download your very own copy of this extraordinary pdf. Print off the sections you discover are the most important and carry them with you each time you are on the prowl. You will be more confident. You will attract even more girls. You will get even more action. Download the tao of badass pdf now.


Hostgator Coupon Codes

The company, HostGator, has actually been in play for nearly a decade now, having been founded back in 2002 and has grown its preliminary beginning within a dormitory at an university in Texas into one of the busiest and most successful hosting services providers in the world. The company experiences just a little over 1 % of the total internet traffic around the world with its 12,000 servers, accommodating the demands of over 400,000 customers and offering excellent quality service.

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The company is so successful in fact, it caters to a fairly a great deal of Fortune 500 corporations, in addition to numerous well-known and acclaimed people who make use of the business’s services and are spread out in over 200 different countries across the globe. The company services over 400,000 customers and continues to experience one of the most quick growth rates for any private enterprise anywhere in the U.S. This is due to the many distinguishing feature which make HostGator the success story it is, namely, their dedication to supplying and providing the best possible service there is.

The company has been the recipient of various awards and recognitions in later years, being accredited plenty of both by various major IT and business publications in addition to many awards coming from online review boards where customers unanimously voted HostGator as the very best of the best. Expansions which occurred in 2007 and saw huge overhaul of machines, services, workers and products has propelled the company even further up the pedestal; rightfully claiming its throne as the top web hosting providers in USA.

Arvixe Review

Launched in the year 2003 in San Luis Obispo a city in the state of California, US, Arvixe is not exactly the first web hosting service provider to come to mind but that in no way means they aren’t capable of providing services as good as any hosting service provider across the globe. Over the years Arvixe has proved itself to be an important stakeholder in the hosting industry. Through remarkable services Arvixe has impressed people and hosted over thousands of domains which in turn led to them receiving many prestigious awards from leading names in the business like Inc. Magazine, Inc500 etc.

Why Arvixe?

Here are the reasons as to why Arvixe has grown so much over the years.

Services Provided

For each hosting service provided like personal hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, business hosting Arvixe offers a host of different plans with diverse features like permitting unlimited disk space, bandwidth allocation and even unlimited transferring of data and cost free domain names at sustainable rates.

With the more expensive plans you can also get an unlimited domain hosting service. Personal hosting is the cheapest kind of hosting service offered and can be availed at only $4 a month. Additional benefits like a free voucher of google adwords worth $100 and a yahoo Bing voucher worth $75 are also provided with the various hosting plans. Arvixe also offers Linux based hosting services

Uptime Guarantee

No hosting service provider can last long enough if it does guarantee consistent uptime of the server and having lasted for 10 years you can be sure of the uptime policy of Arvixe. Arvixe not only offers a 99.9% guarantee of uptime but the servers run at a very high speed and there’s a hardly anything better then high speed server.

Support Features

The technical support provided by Arvixe includes A 24*7 telephonically available support staff An important part of support for any service provider is a live chat feature as it’s often is the quickest way to solve problem. Arvixe provides a live chat feature and the responses are quick and satisfying. Arvixe also maintains a database of necessary articles often reducing the need to contact support staff for minor troubleshoots.

Money Back Policy

There is nothing better than getting your money back in case of dissatisfaction. Arvixe not does disappoint in this regard and offers a 60 day reimbursement policy but only as long as you are a reseller account holder or personal plan account holder. Remuneration is not granted in case of domain names, SSL certificates, dedicated servers and marketing accounts.


With the growing popularity Arvixe is definitely one to watch out for. Arvixe services are trustworthy and are fit for all the diverse need around the word. So in case you’re looking out for a hosting service provider you might have just found the right one.

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Hostmonster Coupon Codes

Hostmonster is a well profound name in the web hosting industry and have been known to run a reliable service for the past 8 years.

I have been hosting my sites with them for the last three and a half years and it has been a smooth ride till now. I do face a couple of downtimes every year but that is standard with any web hosting company.

One of the key features that makes them stand out that everything is done in-house and none of the services are outsourced to third world countries.

The best thing is that even though it can be pretty expensive because of the services they offer, with the help of discount links and coupon codes that bring the prices to the same ballpark as cheaper services like iPage without compromising with the service.


What features do they offer with their standard packages?

On their standard hosting package, you can host an unlimited number of websites unless they get more than 100,000 pageviews per month which is a pretty huge number and is a great way to get started for starters.

Another great bonus they give to new users is a free domain name with your first order and that saves you another $15 on your order, you can use this money to advertise your site to build initial traction.

Moreover, if you aren’t that tech savvy and have a hard time understanding terms like sql database and config.php file then Hostmonster offers one-click install options for various popular CMS options like wordpress and discussion board scripts like phpbb.

And if you’re looking to setup a simple static site then Weebly is the best drag-and-drop platform that you can use.

There’s something for everyone.

Give it a try and I’m sure that at just $48/year, you will be pleasantly surprised by the degree of customer support they offer.

What Tasks To Outsource As A Blogger?

Outsourcing your tasks effectively and affordably would return you with more time to focus on other tasks and also won’t destroy your income source as well. As a blogger, outsourcing your tasks can return you with a lot of time that can be spent on other activities or on setting up a couple of more blogs as well.

If you’re seeking out for tasks to outsource as a blogger, then we’re here today with a short list of tasks that you can effectively outsource as a blogger.

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Tasks a Blogger can Outsource


1.     Social Media Pages

One of the most important tasks to outsource as a blogger is of course the management of your blog’s social media pages. Outsourcing the work on your social media pages or profiles will keep the page active all the time, thus attracting more followers for your blog and finally resulting in more traffic returns to your blog. Don’t only ask to post links from your blog while outsourcing the work, but instead try to post informative stuffs and articles related to your niche as well.

2.     SEO optimization of your content

By talking about SEO optimization of your content, I not only mean keyword stuffing or something else. I mean editing your article and completely making it Search Engine friendly. Which includes editing post count, correcting mistakes on your post, adding relevant and unique images, using keywords wisely and finally publishing your post. These works can really take up a lot of your time, and outsourcing them is a great way to get professional guide on your article and save yourself some time.

3.     Blog Commenting

One of the best ways to publicize your content and get some backlinks is through blog commenting. Through blog commenting, you will be able to build a good relationship with your fellow bloggers, get a bunch of backlinks to your post and get some traffic as well.
Blog commenting can take a lot of your time in selecting blogs to comment and then writing relevant comments. But outsourcing them will save a lot of your time and these work will be done in a professional manner as well.

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Ultimately it all boils down to what you are strong and weak at, and which task takes more of your time. Based on these aspects, decide what you’d want to outsource

My Review of Hostgator Web Hosting

You can hardly see a webmaster who hasn’t heard about HostGator. HostGator is there in the web hosting industry since 2002 and is a young one when compared to that of many other webhosts but the growth that they have acquired was a skyrocketed one which has made them the world’s leading provider of shared web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated web hosting services.  The company was founded Brent Oxley, the current president cum CEO of HostGator and is located at Houston, Texas.

More about HostGator

In the beginning, the office of HostGator was Brent’s form room at Florida Atlantic University consisting of just 3 servers but now the company has grown a lot with over 12,000 servers under management.  By now the company managed to serve its more than 400,000 clients with innovative products and services that ate designed to help their online presence. HostGator is suitable for any kind of users and they serve customers starting from individuals to Fortune 500 companies in more than 200 nations.  The customer satisfaction survey conducted in June 2008 reported that 90% of HostGator customers are happy with the company and its services.

What do you get with HostGator?

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HostGator offers Web hosting in three different plan called Hatchling, Baby and Business.  The main feature that you will enjoy with hatchling plan is includes unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 website, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited sub domains and FTP accounts, latest cPanel, etc. But when you purchase the Baby plan you will have unlimited domain hosting, unlimited parked domains, Private SSL, etc. in addition with the features that you get with Hatchling plan. If you are buying the Business HostGator plan they you will get;

  • Unlimited Disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Free Toll-Free number
  • Free dedicated IP and Free Private SSL
  • Unlimited MySQL databases

Is HostGator Affordable?

I cannot say that HostGator is an inexpensive web hosting provider rather it is definitely an expensive one. But on the contrary it is affordable too, because of the way the plans are tailored. The cost of hatchling plan from the company starts at $3.96 per month whereas the baby plan starts at $6.36 per month. But the price for the Business plan is obviously higher and starts at $10.36 per month.

Investing for HostGator web hosting won’t ever be a loss because they have always kept a good name throughout their journey in the web industry. Moreover, they provide flexible, easy to use cPanel with unlimited sub domains, FTP account and email accounts. Plus, they guarantee 99.9% Uptime along with 45 day money back policy. So make up your mind and get a HostGator account ASAP.

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